1. Echoes of yesterday

    Vera Laponkina

    2018 - ongoing


    The past is always ready to deceive, but without us it does not exist. Habitual things around us repeat us or repeat themselves in endless conversation. We do not defend ourselves from the world, we simply continue our “inner self” into the outside world. Everything that has ever appeared in life leaves its mark. Fixed trifles, lines and little things are the questions that we ask reality. But in response, we always hear only our own echo - family, friends, loved ones, relatives. Habitual things repeating us or repeating themselves. Day after day, day after day, day after day - in exactly the same tomorrow. The main thing is to understand that time is a finite resource, whose value is moment. Thanks to photography, it is possible to communicate with one's "yesterday" without illusions and losses. Staying close without getting closer, recording the event without stopping time, capturing, then slipping away. And every new day waking up the same person.